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Scott Gombar & Eugene Reznitsky are both small business owners.  Even more importantly they both have a passion for small business and helping small business owners grow and succeed.  From that passion, Growth Success Radio was born.

In the Spring of 2015 Scott wanted to start a marketing podcast.  He originally had a different co-host lined up and originally the podcast was to be called Growth Hacker Radio. After a few weeks of research, he decided that Growth Hacker Radio was too narrow of a scope and not really what he wanted to focus on.  Combined with the original co-host not being available to do the show led Scott to change the original plan.  He renamed the show Growth Success Radio.

Scott still had no idea how he was going to record the show, how to invite guests or even edit the show.  He recorded the first 3 shows without a co-host and had only 1 guest.  Devin Dixon came on to talk about Sprout Connections on Episode 3 of Growth Success Radio.  The first 3 episodes were recorded using Skype and some additional software.

Scott still was not satisfied with how this was working. Time to rethink the plan a little more.

Scott is a member of Elm City BNI in New Haven, CT.  Through BNI Scott met Eugene Reznitsky and discovered they both had a similar passion for small business.  From there GSR was born.

Episode 4 was recorded on Blab.im with guest Joe Fournier.  Joe is a business lawyer who helps businesses with legal matters.  Episode 4 is still one of the most popular episodes to date.

Blab has since been shut down.  The show was moved to Huzza.io and still resides there today.  We also stream the show to both of our Facebook Live accounts.  The show is recorded live and then uploaded to our website, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, YouTube and some other places.

Fast forward a year and a half and we’ve had Devin and Joe back on.  We’ve had Grant Cardone on.  We’ve had many business owners and small business consultants on.  We now have a non-profit month in August and an end of the year review with past guests.

The show is still recorded live.  We’ve had a guest get approached by police while live.  Eugene was rear-ended live on air (no he wasn’t driving).  We’ve had countless other gaffes but we wouldn’t change a thing.  Scott edits out the conversation in the beginning of the show, adds an intro and outro and that’s it.  It’s what the people want!  Look for a blooper real in the future.

We’re are now 50 episodes in and have no plans to slow down.  We’re live every Friday at 11am ET and it’s one of the highlights of our week.  Make sure you enjoy us for the next episode.

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