Ep 43 Be Obsessed or Be Average with Grant Cardone

Episode 43 | Be Obsessed or Be Average with Grant Cardone

We’re so excited to announce that Grant Cardone will be on with us on Friday, October 7th at 11am ET.  We’re going to discuss his new book Be Obsessed or Be Average as well as his previous NYT best seller The 10X Rule.

Grant helps fortune 500 businesses & small businesses alike with sales, business development and improving their bottom line.  He is a New York Times best selling author and a motivational speaker.  He is about to release Be Obsessed or Be Average (October 11th, 2016) and is currently offering a free 13 week Mastermind Group when you pre-order Be Obsessed or Be Average.

You can find Grant on pretty much any social media channel using GrantCardone.  He is very active and always ready to share with his audience.  It’s a fun way to get free tips but we definitely suggest getting some of his books as well.  You can listen to his podcast or learn more by going to GrantCardone.com  

If you want to get a head start on his newest book you can have a listen right here!    This is the first chapter of Be Obsessed or Be Average.

100% of Grant’s proceeds from this book will be donated to two charities that bring awareness to the epidemic spread of prescription drugging of children, young adults and even seniors, Drug Free World and Drug Free America.

Join us live on Friday at 11am.  Bring questions and comments but come early because this show will reach capacity.