episode 53 Business Owners Learn to Get Paid

Episode 53 of #GrowthSuccessRadio. How Do You Get Paid if the Client Ignores Your Invoice and Request for Payment. What can you do and what rights do you have?

We talked to Attorney Miguel Almodovar about what you can do to prevent having invoices not get paid and what you can do in the likely event that an invoice does go unpaid.

As a business owner it can be frustrating to have outstanding invoices. Just like everyone else you have bills to pay and kids to feed so what do you do to ensure you don’t run into a cash flow problem and what do you do when a business owner does not pay their invoice?

We talked about how you can avoid late payments including things to include in the contract/agreement.  We also talked about steps you can take before speaking to an attorney and how you can ensure getting paid in the event you do contact an attorney.

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