Ep 50 | From Poverty to Success with Bridgette Mayer

Ep 50 | From Poverty to Success with Bridgette Mayer

Bridgette Mayer is the owner of Bridgette Mayer Art Gallery in Philadelphia and an Art Curator.  Bridgette’s art gallery is a well recognized and respected art gallery, and very successful.  Bridgette has also accumulated numerous awards and recognition over the years.

It hasn’t always been easy for Bridgette.  In fact, Bridgette has an amazing story of poverty and abuse that she shared with us.  It was also a challenge and a leap of faith to start her art gallery.

This show is for everyone who believes that they cannot escape their circumstances to become successful.  The truth is you absolutely can but it takes persistence, dedication, and hard work.

Bridgette wrote “The Art Cure”, a book about her story and how she escaped her situation with art.  You can order the book on her website bridgettemayer.com.

To learn more about her gallery go to http://www.bridgettemayergallery.com/

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