Six Figure Writing Careers with Laura Pennington

Ep 49 | Six Figure Writing Careers with Laura Pennington

Do you enjoy writing? Are you a career content developer, blogger, author? Well this episode is for you. We have Laura Pennington with us who will talk to us about growing your writing business into a 6 figure career.

From Laura’s Website

Do you have a feeling you’re meant to be a freelancer – you’re just not sure how it can realistically happen for you?

Maybe you’re someone who is:

  • More than ready to break free from that corporate job that’s destroying your soul,
  • Drawn to the idea of stepping off the traditional 9-5 track and creating something all your own, that fits into your life,
  • Retired, a stay-at-home parent, military spouse, or anyone with dreams of supplementing your household’s income,
  • Confident you do indeed have some talent.

And freelancing sounds like the path to freedom, but you’re stuck wondering: Where do I even begin?

How do you get clients to hire you? Where do you find them? How do you craft a professional pitch that opens doors and brings in the money?

Watch Live Friday November 18th at 11am ET