episode 48 LinkedIn for Personal Branding

Ep 48 | LinkedIn for Personal Branding with Sandra Long

LinkedIn for Personal BrandingWhether you’re in business for yourself, the CEO of a fortune 500 company or fresh out of college, you need a LinkedIn account. It’s not as simple as just setting up an account. You also need to develop a personal brand on LinkedIn but until now there wasn’t an instructional manual. This week we’re talking to Sandra Long, author of LinkedIn for Personal Branding, about her new book.

Join us live to learn everything you need to know to build your personal brand on LinkedIn from LinkedIn expert Sandra Long.  You will not want to miss this one.

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From Sandra’s LinkedIn Profile

I was always the “new girl” while growing up. It continues to define me. I had to learn how to find new friends and make a good first impression. Now I am helping others with personal branding, sales, recruiting, and networking using LinkedIn. The things I learned growing up about creating new relationships still ring true today.

I began using LinkedIn for B2B sales research in 2005. Today I am a speaker and corporate trainer. I work with a great team at Post Road Consulting LLC. I am also very excited to announce my new book “LinkedIn For Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide.” Read more about my book under “Publications” in my profile below.


►Topics: Personal Branding with LinkedIn, Social Selling, Social Recruiting, Social Leader, LinkedIn Networking, LinkedIn for Business, and LinkedIn for Career.
►Audiences: Corporations, Conferences, Associations, and Universities


► Sales teams who are new to LinkedIn or just starting to implement Sales Navigator premium licenses for Social Selling. We help these clients by creating branded LinkedIn profiles that reflect the personal and company brand; and then educate the team on Social Selling strategies.
► HR & Recruiting teams that are using various LinkedIn solutions for talent acquisition. My HR customers are interested in branding and innovative ways to build a talent pipeline.
► Marketing teams who are interested in sharing compelling content and instituting Brand Ambassador or Employee Advocacy programs.
► Various corporate teams, departments and functional groups that want to enhance personal and company branding, networking and thought leadership. Experience with finance, IT, Supply Chain, Operations, and Engineering.

SPECIALTIES: LinkedIn for Personal Branding; LinkedIn for Business; Social Selling; Social Recruiting: and LinkedIn Networking