Ep 47 Small Business Growth with Dana Earhart Litif

Ep 47 | Grow Your Business Using Systems, Structure & Strategy

We spoke with Dana Earhart about growing your business by improving your structure, systems, and strategy.  Dana expressed that if you are going to succeed in business it is important that everything is in order, not just your business, but also your personal life.

Dana also talked to us about using time blocks to improve your productivity.  This means blocking out chunks of time for specific high-value tasks.  You should also hire people to do the things yu are not an expert on.  Hiring a bookkeeper to handle your invoicing and bills, using a lawyer for legal matters and etc.  You should be spending more time on your business, not in your business.

Dana gave us a lot of good advice and some interesting statistics.  Have a listen and you will see what you mean.

Dana is also offering a free strategy session.  Click here to sign up.

Visit Dana and get more information about her business at http://danaearhartlitif.com/